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About Us

Cobis is an independent, Brussels based ICT company providing network solutions, ICT infrastructure, IT and internet security, customized seminars and training sessions to medium-sized and large companies in Europe. Cobis has been providing these services to its customers since 1997.

Our Mission

Our mission is to keep satisfying our customers’ ICT & network needs by offering them services and solutions on a global basis. We intend to become and remain our customer’s prime network integrator, thereby developing a mutually beneficial relationship based on trust, as we have done with our existing clients since inception. We are confident that future customers will recognise the value of our services and that the superior knowledge of our clients infrastructure will put us in an ideal position to satisfy their needs over a long period of time.

Our vision

In the last years ICT infrastructure and networks have become more and more critical to the good management of companies and their clients. Today a company virtually stops when its ICT infrastructure or network break down. Yet in many cases those critical ICT resources remains neglected or poorly understood. Cobis aims to help its customers protect the value they have invested in those systems.

Our History

Cobis has been delivering network services to its clients since 1997. It has maintained long term relationships with customers essentially in the Benelux but also in Europe and serves the subsidiaries of these customers all over the world.

Cobis Today

Cobis is a 100% privately held company. Its shareholders are its managers and European investors.

Our staff are very specialized engineers who have developed a wealth of technical skills through project management and maintaining long term client relationships. Our technical expertise allows us to deliver leading edge solutions to our clients in a timely manner that fit their real infrastructure requirements.

We pride ourselves in being independent from any single vendor. Selling hardware and software is not our core business. However, we have established partnerships with widely recognised global ICT players to satisfy our customers’ needs. These partner companies have been selected for the quality of the services they deliver worldwide.

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