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We offer the following services to our customers:

These services are provided on the following basis:

Networking Services

COBIS offers complete networking solutions incorporating

Consultancy, design and implementation

We advise and guide companies on the best technologies and products available on the market to efficiently satisfy their business need. Depending on the customer needs, we then offer complete guidance and project management at every stage of the implementation.

Optimisation, migration and upgrade of the existing infrastructure

New products and new technologies can satisfy new needs and offer new possibilities, such as cost reduction, higher reliability and uptime, and enhanced flexibility. At COBIS we ensure a smooth migration with no - or minimal - downtime towards the best solution available.

Integration of data/voice/video

Integrating data, voice and video in one network is very attractive for companies because of the cost reduction involved. Sending voice and video over an IP infrastructure introduces new challenges because the network needs to offer low delay, guaranteed bandwidth and most of all, the voice needs to be sent securely. The technology is mature now and is getting installed in more companies every day. If interested, please contact us and we will be delighted to discuss and evaluate the cost savings that you could achieve by migrating to a Voice over IP telephony infrastructure

Wireless Networking

Wireless enabled networks give portable PCs and other devices fast and reliable access to your network - anytime, anywhere. The freedom of wireless networking technology is attractive and expanding, but too many organizations deploy it without any concern for security. We have seen several cases where some employees had installed a wireless access themselves without telling the IT department, just because they want it now. This is exactly like having a switch on the street with open access to your network! It is important to deploy a secure wireless infrastructure before your employees do it themselves - and they will.

Network and Systems Management

Network management is the monitoring and control of network infrastructure.

Systems management is the same, but applied to servers and their clients.

There are many reasons why network and systems management solutions are adopted, but the main reasons are to:

Customized Training sessions

Many people are frustrated after following an official course containing outdated material, lots of marketing text and given by a full-time trainer with very little on-the-field experience.

At Cobis we offer fully customized courses, developed by the trainers themselves based on practical experience of the field. Our trainers have the highest qualification available in the industry.

The courses are constantly updated when new features or products appear on the market, and by customer feedback. This guarantees the highest possible satisfaction and return on investment for the customer.

We currently deliver trainings on Cisco Systems and Microsoft products.


A recent study shows that more than half of currently installed security products are wrongly – or not completely - installed. This is a huge security risk since a wrongly installed security product is equivalent to no security.

Thorough understanding as well as serious and up-to-date knowledge of the installed product is key to a secure network implementation.

Cobis therefore only send security experts, certified to install these products, to the customers.

Our security solutions include firewall and VPN deployments, intrusion detection, secure remote access, and security audits of IT and network infrastructure.

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